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Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores – Home in the Aisle

This exciting new concept at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores brings the customer to the forerfront of everything they do. The third in a video training series for Lowe's, directed by Hank Parker, Jr., their Business Television Video department asked me to cast talent and associate produce.  Looking through countless headshots, talking with agents and calling my best talent from my extensive database, I was able to cast just the right talent for the 10 roles. With diversity in mind, we were able to create perfect customer scenarios for the shoot.  And when it came to finding the right artist for four canvas backdrops, I totally lucked out with a suggestion from Props Master Extraordinaire, Gillian Albinski, who recommended Osiris Rain, Director of the North Carolina Academy of Art. Osiris created backdrops depicting "home settings" rolled into the store aisles for the actors to portray their scenes.  Cudos to the entire team for a fantastic shoot!  

Posted on 2017 Jan 10
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