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When folks ask me what’s the difference between a film producer and a video producer, I always answer: “The producer of video does everything”. Look it up in the dictionary, you’ll find my picture (with my tongue hanging out) Here’s some of the things I do: come up with the concepts, write the scripts, cast the talent, hire the crews, rent all the equipment, direct the crew, choose the shots, buy the props, order lunch, choose the wardrobe, design the animation, direct the talent, balance the budget, process the invoices, direct the edit and put the finished product in the hands of the client.

I do all this and more… (or until I drop dead from exhaustion whichever comes first) ‘cause the producer of video does everything.


Over my 40 plus years of directing videos, I’ve been fortunate to learn just what to say to cast and crew, when to say it and precisely how to say it so I’ll get the very best performance from everyone on set. I want to elicit cooperation, cheerful compliance and undying love. I am a director not a dictator. A team effort is essential to a successful shoot. I listen, take in suggestions and then make the call that’s best for the overall production.

My motto resounates thorough every production: On time and under budget!


Throughout my career in radio and television, I’ve written spot copy for such clients as Japanese restaurants, jewelry stores, new auto dealers, shoe stores, rock and roll concerts, insurance companies, fast food restaurants, baby stores, Italian restaurants, used car dealers, dairy companies, and the list goes on.

Recently I’ve written scripts for documentaries, PBS series, non-profit agencies, corporate videos, TV commercials and a nightly community affairs program.

Variety is the spice of life!


Since moving to the city in 1985, I have had the pleasure of working with actors from the entire Southeastern region. They know me, I know them and their work…which is the key to a great casting director. Not someone who just runs through 800Casting to see “the look”, but actually knowing an actor and his or her abilities, strengths and weaknesses. My clients rely on me to choose the right talent for the right roles at the right price. That’s what makes me so invaluable to them. Not only, do I present the actors, I can recommend them unequivocally because I have seen their work myself.

It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s like fishing…cast for 20 plus years and you’re bound to come up with some fine catches.

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