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TelePrompTer Workshop for Professional Actors

Every actor needs to know TelePrompTer skills to enhance their marketability. It takes training, practice and more practice. Actors who have perfected this technique have reaped the benefits by auditioning more effectively, booking more jobs and earning more money. If you have a little TelePrompTer experience or think "if I can read, I can do TelePrompTer" then think again.  You need this training!

You'll learn how to use the TelePrompTer for doing:

  • Better auditions
  • Corporate and industrial role play scenes
  • Narration with movement
  • TV spots with props
  • Effective on camera infomercials and presentations

Our instructors will give you:

  • Invaluable professional critique 
  • Hours of on-camera time
  • Practical application 
  • Insider marketing information 

Registration is very limited. Only 10 slots are available. Deadline is June 2.

Date: Saturday, June 8th
Time: 9am until 1pm
Place: CATCH Studios
Address: 4200 South Boulevard, Suite B
Charlotte, NC
Ages: 16 and up
Cost: $150.

Click here to Register

Posted on 2019 May 13
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